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Dandelion Chip

Nikon AF Chip. Programmable Dandelion Chip. Full lens control via camera!


Programmable AF Chip "Dandelion" 4G. Canon EOS Camera *EURO*.


AF PROGRAMMABLE Chip Dandelion/Canon all bodies Samyang/Rokinon/Bower KIT NEW.


Nikon AF PROGRAMMABLE chip. Full control lens over the camera! Dandelion! NEW


AF confirm Chip "Dandelion" for Nikon *EURO* Original by Victor Luchnikov


AF Chip "Dandelion" for Nikon *EURO*. Original AF Chip by Victor Luchnikov


Tamron Adaptall-Nikon F Adapter with AF programmable chip-dandelion! Focus trap.


M42-Nikon F with AF PROGRAMMABLE CHIP. Dandelion Lushnikov original. NEW. Black.


KO-H52-Nikon F macro reverse adapter with AF PROGRAMMABLE CHIP-dandelion! New!


T2-Nikon F with AF programmable chip-dandelion! NEW! Free pre-programming!


AF Chip "Dandelion" for Canon EOS. Origin EMF chip. SAMYANG (ROKINOR) VERSION


Programmble AF Chip "Dandelion" for Olympus 4/3 mount


5pc - AF Chip "Dandelion" IV Generation. EMF. Canon EOS


T2-Canon EOS EF Adapter with AF programmable chip-dandelion! NEW! Focus-trap.


Tamron Adaptall-Canon EOS Adapter with AF programmable chip-dandelion! NEW.


Programmble AF Chip "Dandelion" for MICRO 4/3 mount. By Victor Lushnikov


Exakta to all DSLR Canon EOS Adapter with AF PROGRAMMABLE EURO CHIP!(dandelion)


Chips for Lunch Set 2 (Dandelion Readers) by Tweedie, Wendy Quantity pack Book


MC VOLNA 9 MACRO for Canon EOS with NEW AF programmable chip-dandelion original.


Topcor RE 5.8 cm/f1.4 Tokyo Kogaku Japan/Canon+AF programmable chip-dandelion.


MC Helios-40-2-N (NIkon F mount)+AF Focus Trap programmable chip-dandelion.NEW!


MIR-1 Grand Prix Brussels for Canon EOS EF with AF programmable chip-dandelion.


Helios-44-2 №81231234+M42-Canon+AF programmable chip-dandelion. All Canon EOS EF


Jupiter-37A 135mm/f3.5-22 Lens for Nikon.With New AF programmable chip-dandelion


ZM-5A 500mm/f8.0 catadioptric lens for Canon or Nikon with AF chip-dandelion.


FOCUS FISHEYE Peleng 8mm 3.5 FOR Canon EOS. AF Chip Dandelion for EXIF


Programmable AF Chip "Dandelion" 4G. Canon EOS Camera *EURO*. SAMYANG VERSION


AF PROGRAMMABLE Chip Dandelion for Canon all bodies Samyang/Rokinon/Bower KIT


AF Chip Dandelion for Canon EOS. Origin EMF chip made by Victor Lushnikov


MC Helios-40-2-C (Canon EF EOS)+AF Focus Trap programmable chip-dandelion.NEW!