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Dandelion Chip

Programmable AF Chip "Dandelion" 4G. Canon EOS Camera *EURO*.


Nikon AF PROGRAMMABLE chip. Full control lens over the camera! Dandelion! NEW


AF PROGRAMMABLE Chip Dandelion/Canon all bodies Samyang/Rokinon/Bower KIT NEW.


AF confirm Chip "Dandelion" for Nikon *EURO* Original by Victor Luchnikov


Nikon AF Chip. Programmable Dandelion Chip. Full lens control via camera!


AF confirm Dandelion CPU chip for Nikon D70 D80 D90 D700 D5100 D3100 D5000


AF Chip "Dandelion" for Nikon *EURO*. Original AF Chip by Victor Luchnikov


M42-Nikon F with AF PROGRAMMABLE CHIP. Dandelion Lushnikov original. NEW. Black.


Tamron Adaptall-Nikon F Adapter with AF programmable chip-dandelion! Focus trap.


Programmble AF Chip "Dandelion" for MICRO 4/3 mount. By Victor Lushnikov


T2-Nikon F with AF programmable chip-dandelion! NEW! Free pre-programming!


T2-Canon EOS EF Adapter with AF programmable chip-dandelion! NEW! Focus-trap.


KO-H52-Nikon F macro reverse adapter with AF PROGRAMMABLE CHIP-dandelion! New!


Programmble AF Chip "Dandelion" for Olympus 4/3 mount


5pc - AF Chip "Dandelion" IV Generation. EMF. Canon EOS


Fotodiox Nikon Lens to EOS Camera Adapter w/ Dandelion Focus Chip **OPEN BOX**


Tamron Adaptall-Canon EOS Adapter with AF programmable chip-dandelion! NEW.


AF Chip "Dandelion" for Canon EOS. Origin EMF chip. SAMYANG (ROKINOR) VERSION


Exakta to all DSLR Canon EOS Adapter with AF PROGRAMMABLE EURO CHIP!(dandelion)


MC HELIOS 81H 50/2 Nikon mount lens *With electronic chip-Lushnikov's dandelion*


Chips for Lunch Set 2 (Dandelion Readers) by Tweedie, Wendy Quantity pack Book


Topcor RE 5.8 cm/f1.4 Tokyo Kogaku Japan/Canon+AF programmable chip-dandelion.


MIR-1 Grand Prix Brussels for Canon EOS EF with AF programmable chip-dandelion.


ZM-5A 500mm/f8.0 catadioptric lens for Canon or Nikon with AF chip-dandelion.


Jupiter-37A 135mm/f3.5-22 Lens for Nikon.With New AF programmable chip-dandelion


MC Helios-40-2-C (Canon EF EOS)+AF Focus Trap programmable chip-dandelion.NEW!


MC VOLNA 9 MACRO for Canon EOS with NEW AF programmable chip-dandelion original.


FOCUS FISHEYE Peleng 8mm 3.5 FOR Canon EOS. AF Chip Dandelion for EXIF


MC Helios-40-2-N (NIkon F mount)+AF Focus Trap programmable chip-dandelion.NEW!


Helios-44-M-6 MC (Russian Biotar)+M42-Canon with programmable chip-dandelion!


AF PROGRAMMABLE Chip Dandelion for Canon all bodies Samyang/Rokinon/Bower KIT


Programmable AF Chip "Dandelion" 4G. Canon EOS Camera *EURO*. SAMYANG VERSION


AF Chip Dandelion for Canon EOS. Origin EMF chip made by Victor Lushnikov